Below are examples of the broad range of services that we offer. We would be pleased to discuss and define your project goals, and to develop a scope of services that meets your needs.

Project Guidance and Permitting

  • Site Selection and Preliminary Site Reviews
  • Federal Permitting EPA, Army Corps, FEMA
  • State Permitting DEP, LURC
  • Local Permitting Planning Board, Shoreland Zoning
  • Project Compliance Monitoring and Third-party Inspections

Wetlands & Water Resources

  • Identification and Delineation
  • Function and Value Assessments
  • Mitigation and Compensation Plans
  • Aerial Photo Interpretations & Mapping
  • Alteration Permit Applications
  • Vernal Pool Identification and Assessments
  • Shoreland Zoning - Regulatory Compliance Assistance


  • Soil Surveys and Mapping
  • Soil Identification and Characterization for Stormwater Management
  • Soil Drainage and Erosion & Sediment Control Planning
  • Non-point Source Pollution Assessments (Phosphorus and Nitrates)

Wastewater and Waste Disposal

  • Site Evaluations
  • Septic System Designs and Inspections
  • Soil Suitability Assessments for Land Disposal of Septage, Sludge, Wastewater or Residuals

GIS/CADD and GPS Mapping

  • Off-site Review of Site Features and Protected Resources (GIS)
  • Compilation of Published Mapping for Preliminary Plans (GIS/CAD)
  • On-site Mapping of Site Features and Site Plan Overlay for Project Planning, Design and Permitting (GPS/CAD)

Agriculture, Lawn and Garden

  • Plant and Soil Sampling & Analyses
  • Lime and Fertilizer Recommendations
  • Crop Management Plans (ICM)
  • Topsoil Specification - Writing and Reviews
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