Soil, Wetland, Wastewater & Agricultural Services

Moyse Environmental Services, Inc. was established to provide technical consulting services in the areas of: soil science; wetlands; site evaluation; wastewater disposal system design; agriculture and associated land management fields.

Our knowledge and experience with land use related issues makes us well-qualified to assist our clients with various phases of their projects. This includes selecting potentially suitable sites, assessing site characteristics and limitations, describing for our clients their options and the associated regulatory implications, as well as guiding their project through the permitting process.

We are proud of our strong commitment to provide our clients with quality services in a professional and responsive manner. We work closely with architects, engineers, surveyors, developers, attorneys, business leaders, realtors, contractors, municipalities, regulatory agencies, individuals and other scientists in team efforts to achieve the project goals, while focusing on the client's needs.

We are actively involved with several professional associations in Maine, including serving as their officers. We believe that this involvement allows us to remain current with the ever-changing technology, standards of practice and legislative decisions that impact our daily work. This participation enhances our ability to provide our services effectively at a peer level of excellence.

We welcome the opportunity for our expertise to contribute to the success of your next project.

David W. Moyse, M.S., President
Certified Soil Scientist
Licensed Site Evaluator

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