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Established 1995

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Knowledgeable, trusted expertise on your projects for over 28 years

Moyse Environmental Services was established in 1995 to provide technical expertise and experienced environmental consulting services in the areas of: wetlands, vernal pools and water resources; soil science and soil surveys; site evaluation and wastewater disposal system design; third-party inspection and regulatory compliance monitoring; agriculture and other land uses.

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What Our Clients Say

    “Whether a GIS based wetland reconnaissance or a potential vernal pool investigation, to a fully detailed engineered SSWD disposal system soils evaluation. I have found Moyse Environmental to be nothing short of professional in every aspect of their practice. Dave’s credentials among industry peers, particularly on matters of environmental permitting, make him a valuable and frequent team partner. Dave and staff bring a friendly and pragmatic approach to everything they do.”

    Robert M. Frank, PE, Principal


      “We’ve worked with Dave and his staff at Moyse Environmental Services for nearly twenty years on a wide range of projects associated with land use and development. We consider them to be the preeminent consulting firm in environmental permitting in our service area and we regularly recommend them to our clients. We particularly appreciate the thoroughness of their knowledge in environmental laws, regulations and permitting, and their technical ability to provide timely work products that can be easily incorporated into “team” generated documentation for submissions.”

      Dick Day, PLS

      Plisga & Day | Land Surveyors

        “Moyse Environmental Services has always been extremely flexible, responsive, and willing to go the extra distance for us (all the way to T9 R11 even). We have done countless projects with them over a span on 20 plus years with excellent results and will continue to work with them in the future.”

        Rory Dysart

        Dysart Service/Dysart Realty

          “Grant Trailer Sales / Grant Realty have been using the services of Moyse Environmental for some 20 years. The scope of our projects has run the gamut from residential septic systems to multi-million dollar projects. Dave and his crew have always displayed great integrity, professionalism, and in the end... results. As we all know real estate development in today’s world is not only location... location , but environmental issues play a key role as to the success of any project. Dave has always offered practical solutions to complex problems. I am sure if given the chance, Moyse Environmental could help your company succeed in navigating these intricate issues.”

          Mike Longo

          Owner, Grant Trailer Sales and Grant Realty

            “We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Moyse Environmental Services on a wide variety of projects over the years. Moyse has consistently provided us with high-quality services, and we’ve come to rely on their advice and knowledge again and again. We’re confident in Moyse Environmental’s ability to be responsive and professional, and we highly recommend them to our clients without hesitation.”

            John “Jack” Kelly, Director of Real Estate Services

            Prentiss & Carlisle

            Our Clients